Student Cabinet is responsible for holding a number of events throughout the school year. These events include happy hours, trivia night, lunches with the cabinet, and the spring gala. We’re excited to host these events and many more. To keep up to date, follow our Facebook page, GSPIA Student Cabinet. 

Spring Gala: The Student Cabinet's biggest event takes place every spring as a formal gathering that brings together the GSPIA population. Originally, it was designed to allow the students an opportunity to dress up and have fun with their peers. Now it has taken on more of a celebration of successful completion of another school year and is the cornerstone event for our organization.

Monthly Happy Hours: As studying can really weigh down students throughout the academic year, GSPIA Student Cabinet plans a monthly happy hour event that takes place at a local bar or pub, which allows informal interaction among GSPIA students.

Explore Pittsburgh Day: A coordinated outing designed to introduce first year students to their new home, the city of Pittsburgh, by visiting various museums and other points of interest throughout the city.

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